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How to get acne free without becoming a lab rat – Vanessa Romito on her Clear Skin Journey


We asked MAFS Star, and one of our incredible customers, Vanessa Romito, to share her acne journey and transformation using our Clear Skin System.

“Before the Eco By Sonya products, my skin was really red and sensitive. I had severely scarred and massively flawed skin that hindered my confidence like you wouldn’t believe. It was so bad that I used to get asked if I had been burnt in a fire. I couldn’t bear to go in public without makeup on, without the fear of being starred at.

I tried everything; from medications such as Roaccutane, Doxycycline, Minocycline, to all forms of anti-biotics. In my 22-year struggle with acne, nothing had worked. I decided I didn’t want a life of going on and off prescription drugs to not even see the results that I so desperately wanted.

On my return from a trip to Thailand, resulting in a massive flare up, I arrived home to a package from Eco By Sonya. It was then that I decided to throw my prescriptions in the bin and committed to going down the natural road.

Overnight, and after just one application of the Clear Skin System, my skin was noticeably less red – I honestly think the salts in the Super Acai Exfoliator had killed some of the bacteria and made my skin less aggravated.

After just 6 weeks, I couldn’t believe the results! I didn’t ever think that a natural product would work on my skin, let alone give me the results that it had. After decades of trying different medications and skin routines, I was genuinely in shock that a handful of natural products had changed my skin and given me my confidence back.

My word of advice to all those out there struggling with problem skin…hands down, if you’re thinking about going on medication or undergoing any procedures, I would give Eco By Sonya’s Clear Skin System a go – I wouldn’t go back!"


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