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Professional tanning

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Professional results, every time. Spray like a pro, with our Organic long-lasting solutions. Nothing synthetic and never ever orange.

Our professional organic spray tan solutions deliver the perfect tan! Made with only organic & natural ingredients, use Eco By Sonya Driver for your spray tan business.

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Sunless Professional tanning
December 28, 2022
Professional tanning - it’s not as scary as you think!

Professional tanning is not the orange stigma everyone thinks it is! If you are after a bronzed glow a spray...

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Here's Why I Started This Company....
April 29, 2022
Here's Why I Started This Company....

I forget that new followers might not know the story of why I started this company.  ​My sister was diagnosed...

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Everybody Needs A Tune Up!
March 18, 2022
Everybody Needs A Tune Up!

I totally get seeing a psychologist is a privilege not afforded to many. I’m so bloody grateful. I check in...

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