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An award-winning, raw organic business plan, to get you on your path to building the business you've been putting off for years!

a raw organic business plan

To tell my story is to tell the story of millions of women throughout the ages. If I can rise from the ashes, so can you... and you will!

 I wrote this book of my real-life experience to remind you that YOU are strong, worthy and valuable and to encourage YOU to pursue those big, wild and magnificent entrepreneurial dreams. This world needs changing and it is waiting for YOU to rise.

Here's the nudge you've been waiting for - ready, set, go!

"Sonya is the boss! She not only builds you up but keeps hounding you until you have met your full potential, she's the ultimate wing woman"

-Celeste Barber (Superstar & Top Chick)

"Sonya will either give you a million bucks or she won't give you 20 cents."

Mitzi Cartwright (National Sales Manager, Friend, Devotee)

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