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When it comes to Green Packaging and environmental care and diligence, here's just some of the measures we’re undertaking.

We've just been certified with GreenFleet. GreenFleet plant native biodiverse forests on our behalf and help fight the impacts of climate change. To protect our climate, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and restore habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species.

By offsetting carbon emissions to GreenFleet, we are taking practical climate action. Together, we can grow our forests and grow climate hope.

All of our packaging will be either made with sugar cane (some already are) or with PCR (recycled materials). Our sugar cane tubes are made in a carbon neutral solar plant in Australia. We went and visited this plant and were overwhelmed by the sustainable ethos and Earth friendly practices carried out there. Yes, they are more expensive than plastic tubes however what price do you put on our Planet? They are also 100% recyclable and are biodegradable.

PCR is a world-wide industry that is growing at rapid speed. It is basically post-consumer recycled, so think ofthe recycled bins, out of those materials packaging is being reformed and once again, becomes
recyclable. We are forever pushing our suppliers for that latest, new
innovation for cleaner, greener, sustainable packaging options, and we will keep evolving as better practises and options become available in the industry.

The boxes and packaging paper you receive your parcel in, are all biodegradable and is made from recycled materials.

One of our glass products requires bubble wrap and we have sourced an

Eco Pure bubble wrap which is from recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable.

Any supplier we work with, we also request that they send no plastic into our warehouse as our goal is to be plastic free, and that’s why we also don’t do samples.

We are on a mission, we're not perfect but we're on our way.

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