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3 Step System with Toner Review - Jeanya

I was so happy because I started getting adult acne and tried so many different products and this is the only range that worked!!

Coconut Body Milk Review - Sharon

I have eczema. It has recently gotten worse due to wearing and sweating in PPE. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the itchiness. As soon as I started using Coconut Body Milk my eczema improved and I am now sleeping like a baby.
Thank you!

Glory Oil Review - Bronte

Can’t recommend the Glory Oil enough. After struggling with severe acne for most of my adolescent years and trialling nearly every product I could, including prescription medication, prescription creams and facial treatments, it would not budge. After being recommended Glory Oil by a close friend I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a go and I will never look back! It has helped my skin more than any other product in such a short period of time. The scarring I was left with is finally starting to fade and my skin feels so much brighter and hydrated.

Glory Oil Review - Eliza

I had lower blephaplasty surgery and a chemical face peel on the 10.9.21. I started using the Glory Oil as it’s organic and knew it would work wonders!

Glory Oil Review - Samara

I just wanted to say your Glory Oil is truly amazing! I have been using it on my skin cancer surgery scar and it’s fading nicely! 🥰 Evened out my skin pigmentation from the surgery and lightening up my scar whilst leaving it hydrated and dewy.

Clear Skin System Review - Liv

I just wanted to say thank you so much! My acne has been terrible for three years ow and it has almost fully cleared up after using your products for just over a month! My skin is looking so much better. I will be recommending this to anyone that will listen. I am so thankful!

Glory Oil Review - Judy

Happy with the healing progress of my terrible burn I had, used Glory Oil a few times a day it’s healing beautifully with minimal scaring. Thank you for this wonderful product. 💕

Cacao Tanning Mousse Review - Renee

It’s not often that I’ll reach out to a brand, however, credit given when credit due. I’ve been an avid self tanner for about 20yrs, I’ve tried everything on the market. Over the last 3 months I’ve tried 8 different tans and was just about to give up and embrace the white life. Every single tan has made my skin beyond dry, itchy where I couldn’t get a good sleep and horribly orange. Like a dorito tan! For some reason I decided to try one last tan and it was the cacao tan. Truthfully, I didn’t have any faith in the product. And am I glad I tried it! ZERO orange, ZERO tiger bread tan, NO ITCH (this is a huge deal for me) and fades beautifully. So many compliments on my “tanned skin” people legitimately think my tan is real. I am a makeup artist and skin specialist for a leading makeup hub on the Gold Coast, I have been recommending this tan to all of my clients! I’ve fallen in love with your products that I’ve purchased a few other things from your range. Thank you for creating a product/brand that really does live up to its word.

Very sceptical buuut

I tried Sonias tanning producsts before, loved them and I was following all the reviews for face skin care and I have to say I was very sceptical I dont know why but I was like there is just good reviews this is suspicious, but OMG! Such a revelation, Since covid I had big problem with maskne as I work as a nurse and I said this is the last thing I can try and I tell you I tried from Pharmaceutical
To everything and- just after one use of skin care by sonya my skin felt and looked better its just really really amazing, and it makes my skin so soft as well! I am actually glowing and feel so much more confident because I always liked my skin it was really my atribute and this brought it all back! Thank you so much Sonya! All my love from UK

Hydration Skin System™️
Hydration Skin System Review - Brooke

Your products have changed my skin health so much in these last two months and they benefit my skin and mind sooo much!! I have suffered with hormonal acne and acne scaring since 2015-2016 and I’ve been from skincare brand to skincare brand until you!! I am not at the confidence yet to go on my days without makeup but these photos prove to me that your products are kicking in pretty well and I have never been happier with my skin health until now, so lots of love and thank you xx ❤️

Super Fruit Hydrator™
Georgia Kirkland
Lovely Moistruiser- but too small for the price

Such a fantastic product, not greasy at all and works well on combination skin. However as someone with dry skin, I use this twice a day and need at least 2 pumps per application. Therefore it runs out fast, such a shame they don't have bigger bottles. I think this size of product should be half the price personally as you don't get a whole lot for what you pay for! Still though if it was a bigger size for £30 it would be 5 stars!

Lovely colour- just hard to apply evenly

I love EcoTan products, and as a very fair red head I'm glad I found this company. However I find it really hard to apply evenly (even with a mit), as due to the spray applicator and lack of colour guide it's hard to tell where/ how much you have applied and so does end up pretty patchy. However as I said this brand are so good, and I do think I might prefer the Invisible Tan as that's more of a gradual moisturiser tan!

Hi Georgia, once you get the application right you will love it! Make sure you exfoliate 24 - 48 hours prior to applying. Start from your ankles and work your way up - go slow ensuring you don't miss any bits. We also have tutorials on our website.

Glory Oil™
Vanessa Guard
“Botox in a bottle”

I absolutely love this product which I’ve been using for a few months now. Recently saw a friend who I haven’t seen in quite a while and she asked me if I’ve had Botox because my skin looks really good. I put it down to Glory Oil, keeping it natural 🤩 and took her comment as a compliment.

Super Hero Pack Review - Corrie

Okay … You are absolute skin wizards! I have had KP on my legs and arms (badly) since I was like 9, I have NEVER had smooth legs and they’ve always been red and angry looking. I’m not even exaggerating here, I’ve used the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub (with the tan glove) and a drop of Glory Oil on each leg ONCE and I woke up this morning with the smoothest and lightest pink coloured legs of my adult existence 🤯 That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write 🤣 But THANK YOU for the amazing products 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Clear Skin System Review - Erini

Just wanted to say I received my Clear Skin System from you last week. I am so happy I ordered from you because your Glory Oil is clearing my eczema off my neck (it was so bad!!) and I also used the Glory Oill on my hands because I have bad Dyshidroctic eczema and ever since I’ve been using Glory Oil, I’ve noticed the eczema is going away more and more everyday which is amazing because all these creams I bought from the chemist didn’t work for me but your Glory Oil is working it’s magic and making my rashes/itchy eczema go away so quickly. I am SO impressed!! Will definitely be buying more off you. Btw your Face Tan Water is insane! My skin is clearing up (I have bad oily skin) and after using Face Tan Water since last week, my skin has been less oily and my pimples are popping up as much! Amazing! Thank you!

Face Tan Water Review - Kayla

I’m loving the new Face Tan Water bottle!! Absolutely obsessed with your products and I have told so many people about them. It’s been doing my face wonders during lockdown and I feel confident wearing just the Face Tan Water when I leave the house so it’s perfect!!

Face Tan Water Review - Alexandra

I'm a long term user and as a healthcare worker during the pandemic and lockd0wn, I am really powering through my Face Tan Water because wearing a mask all shift makes wearing makeup a challenge. I am a HUGE fangirl of the Face Tan Water and think it is the best thing ever. I'm a 46 yo mother of 4 and have been using Eco by Sonya for just over 3 years. My skin has never felt better and I am thrilled with your company.

Clear Skin System Review - Catherine

Genuine amazement at how much my skin has improved in such a short time! I am spending less time on covering up my skin every day with makeup and feel more confident already. Thank you!! I’ve only been using them for just over a week I actually can’t believe the difference.. I have tried so many things for my skin.

Face Compost Purple Power Mask Review - Coco

Tried your Glory Oil and Purple Power Mask on my eyes this morning and can definitely see a lift in purple under my eyes ❤❤❤ did not think these eyes could ever look better with being up all night with my baby

Glory Oil Review - Tania

This is the best product I've ever used. Had total thyroidectomy surgery surgery a year ago... 3 months post surgery my scar was almost invisible. A year on you can't even see it... my specialist marvels at this during check ups! I apply it to my face, neck and decollatage twice daily, after cleansing and moisturizing and massage the residue into my cuticles. I have gifted Glory Oil to a few friends too. 💖

Hydration Skin System™️
Hydration Skin System Review - Cait

Don’t know if you’ll ever see this message, but I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve struggled with eczema my whole life & last year it was the worst it’s ever been on my face - I was looking back at photos & cannot believe the change, all thanks to your beautiful products! I feel so much more confident to walk out & exist in my own skin now (without makeup), plus it brings me a lot of comfort knowing the ingredients are all natural 🦋 Thank you, thank you, thank you! You & your team are absolute legends 😘

Glory Oil Review - Emy

It’s amazing. I use on my face everyday. But the biggest moment for me was when my daughter camr to me who is 5 and her hands were flared up with severe eczema and crying and asked me to help and I thought I’d try Glory Oil. A few drops on each hand and she didn’t cry and said thank you. Every cream we’ve tried has made her scream as it would always sting her open wounds. So for her to ask me to add more and instantly remove the irritation and pain, what a game changer! Today is day 2 of using it on her hands and it’s already less inflamed and not itchy. Thank you!

Glory Oil™
Glory Oil Review - Annette

My hair has been so dry, lifeless, breaking… So I massaged Glory Oil into my scalp and hair and left in all day and night washed it out. Now my hair is super silky soft just fantastic to have soft shiny hair thanks to Glory Oil.

Glory Oil Review - Ashlee

From someone who has many scars on my body at the age of 26, this product has changed my life and I couldn’t recommend it enough! After only using the glory oil for 4 weeks my scar is already 100X better. Cannot wait to see what all my scars look like in another 4 weeks!

Clear Skin System Review - Fleur

I just wanted to say how much I’ve been loving your products. I’ve suffered from extremely bad hormonal acne since I was in my teens and literally tries every product under the sun. However, I finally decided to go give your products a go and I wanted to say that your products haver changed my skin in the last 2 months.