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Waste of time

Smells like any old cheap high street fake tan and turned my face orange after one application. Customer service eventually promised me a refund if I returned the product, but I never heard from them after I sent it back at cost to myself.

Hi Hattie, please contact regarding your return as we'd love to look into this further!

Super Fruit Hydrator
Louise Tullett
Just great all round

I really love this moisturizer. I have oily/combination skin and often struggle to find a moisturizer that doesn't 'sit' on my skin. This absorbs in really nicely and doesn't leave a greasy feel to your face. I normally get really dry skin however in winter and this keeps my skin glowing throughout this time.


I have tried a good few self tanners over the years but this is the only one I have repurchased in the last few years. It is amazing. It gives the perfect tan, not orange, just a perfect lovely tan. It applies so easily with a mitt and isn't messy at all. I apply it to my neck, arms, hands and neck for a couple of hours when I wake once a week and then shower. It gradually appears and is perfect by the next day. I feel healthy. I apply it to my legs and feet overnight and I wake up with lovely tanned legs! I love this product and highly recommend it. I use it every week, once a week and it lasts ages. Oh and I always scrub my skin gently the shower before I reapply it and I use the Eco by Sonya Exfoliating glove and wow, this is amazing. It scrubs away any remnants round my ankles perfectly, ready for my next application. Lovely brand and perfect self tanner, thank-you Sonya!

Face Tan Water - Anna

Such a great product, i have broken capillaries on my face and this product softens them so i feel less conscious about it ❤️

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Annet

I wanted to show you all the results whit glory oil on my stoma scare. For a time i had two stoma's (after cancer). But one is removed. Yes! I started using the glory oil just a couple off weeks ago on the scare. So impressed by the results. See picture. So thanks.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Kaitlyn

Ecotan products are absolutely Devine, it's natural and eco friendly, Smells fabulous, Doesn't break the bank and works better than anything I've tried and I've spent alot on skincare over the years including insanely overpriced products in hopes of healing my acne and dry skin issues, Glory oil is my holy grail and nothing compares to the purple face mask feels! I recommend to anyone and everyone!

Lemongrass Deodorant

This deodorant not only smells lovely, but it keeps me fresh and dry for the whole day.
My husband's also a big fan!

Lemongrass Deodorant Review - Jenna

When I saw that you had brought out a new deodorant I was pretty damn excited. Knowing that all of your products are absolutely beautiful and amazing, and actually do what they say, I knew I didn’t have anything to lose in purchasing a couple. Today was my first day wearing the deodorant and honestly I have tears. It hasn’t even been 24hours and I can already see what an amazing product this is. I am shocked (I don’t know why because everything you make is 10/10) but I am lost for words. I got through the whole day at work today smelling like lemongrass. I went to the toilet several times to check if my underarms were feeling damp or if I was starting to get a smell, but nothing at all!!! I walked around with the biggest smile on my face all day in disbelief and so happy and confident! I ended up buying 4 more in fear they would sell out. So please, please don’t stop making this product!

Face Tan Water
Maggie Rees-Ross
Face tan water & Glory oil.

I come from Wales Uk & wondered how well it would work ordering from Australia. Well I have to say it was just as good as ordering from home if not better if Im honest. Delivery was fast, easy, no hassle with duties & no courier forms to fill. I was responded to straight away to some queries I had about postage,
Now to the products... they are top quality superb, The face tan water is the best, non greasy, easy to apply and left me looking naturally glowing and healthy. I even think its smoothed out a few lines. The Glory oil just tops it off , leaving my skin looking yourhful & radient. Im absolutely delighted & now on here looking to order more of your beautiful totally natural products and will be recommending you for sure. Oh and just as a lil added extra the positive affirmation notes on the packaging are such a thoughtful gesture and really brighten your day. Thank you so much 🙏😁

Teen Skin Bundle Review - Shaye

I have to tell you I could cry with happiness how much your products have helped me!! Since covid my skin has been in horror my eczema was flaring up on my face with what felt like it was beyond repair and my skin was breaking out fiercely due to wearing masks, having to work in the heat and wearing makeup. I have tried SO MUCH and it has not worked but my skin is so in love everything I have purchased (I basically own the entire collection now🤣) but my god! Best money I’ve ever bloody spent! Thank you thank you thank you Sonya you are the best in the bizz xoxox

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Simone

Hi Lovelies! I’m a passionate advocate of glory oil and have been for approx 2 years. On July of this year I got diagnosed with skin cancer (bcc and melanoma). I am very lucky and had a fabulous team of GP, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon … HOWEVER … and this is where this message comes in, I had a significant facial surgery to remove the cancer and provide healthy margins. Lots of stitches and swelling. I massage my surgery sight twice daily with glory oil & have been since 4 weeks post surgery. Nobody can quite believe the results. I am happy to send pics and provide a testimonial but above all, I wanted you to know.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Fiona

I'm a convert and the Glory Oil is amazing. I have seen a noticable reduction of redness on my face. And the tanning products are awesome. After a few days, other products flake and your skin looks almost reptile like but this never happens with eco tan products.

Clear Skin System Review - Andrea

I’m loving my skin and the results I have got in a few short months! I started in March 2021! Now I just get minimal hormonal breakouts or from diet.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Molly

I just wanted to send a message to say how amazing your glory oil has been for me. I’ve suffered with painful, flaky skin around my eyes for years. The minute the weather gets cooler it comes up like a rash. I’ve tried countless creams and ointments, even doctor prescribed medication and nothing has ever helped until now. I applied the oil before bed and noticed such a difference in the morning, a few days later and it’s almost completely gone! I really didn’t think it would make a difference if I’m honest but wow what a life changer! No more dry itchy painful skin!

The Nudge
The Nudge Review - Andrew

I read your book today as I am starting my own branded product. I think this is the best and simplest no BS book I have ever read . Well done and thanks for the inspiration.

Wow best hand cream ever!

Feels like a weird thing to write a review on as most hand creams are pretty similar. Wow! This is so hydrating but sinks in very quickly and isn’t greasy at all. It smells amazing. I’m so glad I tried it! Will be the only hand cream I buy now, I used to always be trying different hand creams and found them all about the same but this one is amazing. I originally was intrigued by the ingredients for anti aging/brightening but I haven’t been using long enough to notice. I find the best thing is to put a bit of your face skincare on the back of your hands for this purpose anyway! But wow please try this hand cream as you won’t be disappointed.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Nicole

I absolutely love the Glory Oil! It has saved my hands during lockdown, after having acrylic nails for so long, my nails are crap. But the Glory Oil has been a game changer. I initially bought it for a scar over my eye, and it was amazing for that but who knew how good it would be for hands and nails… Fantastic products, thank you 😊

Coconut Deodorant
Great product ! I love it.

Great organic product. Amazing smell and would recommend to everyone.

3 Step System with Toner Review - Jeanya

I was so happy because I started getting adult acne and tried so many different products and this is the only range that worked!!

Coconut Body Milk Review - Sharon

I have eczema. It has recently gotten worse due to wearing and sweating in PPE. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the itchiness. As soon as I started using Coconut Body Milk my eczema improved and I am now sleeping like a baby.
Thank you!

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Bronte

Can’t recommend the Glory Oil enough. After struggling with severe acne for most of my adolescent years and trialling nearly every product I could, including prescription medication, prescription creams and facial treatments, it would not budge. After being recommended Glory Oil by a close friend I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a go and I will never look back! It has helped my skin more than any other product in such a short period of time. The scarring I was left with is finally starting to fade and my skin feels so much brighter and hydrated.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Eliza

I had lower blephaplasty surgery and a chemical face peel on the 10.9.21. I started using the Glory Oil as it’s organic and knew it would work wonders!

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Samara

I just wanted to say your Glory Oil is truly amazing! I have been using it on my skin cancer surgery scar and it’s fading nicely! 🥰 Evened out my skin pigmentation from the surgery and lightening up my scar whilst leaving it hydrated and dewy.

Clear Skin System Review - Liv

I just wanted to say thank you so much! My acne has been terrible for three years ow and it has almost fully cleared up after using your products for just over a month! My skin is looking so much better. I will be recommending this to anyone that will listen. I am so thankful!

Glory Oil Review - Judy

Happy with the healing progress of my terrible burn I had, used Glory Oil a few times a day it’s healing beautifully with minimal scaring. Thank you for this wonderful product. 💕