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Five Reasons Why We LOVE Hempitan

Five Reasons Why We LOVE Hempitan


Our most recent award win has me extra excited because it’s for my personal favourite self-tan – Hempitan!

Our World 1st hemp tanning water has just won Best Self-Tanner in the Healing Lifestyles 12th Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here’s just 5 reasons why Hempitan tan is my favourite self-tan.

Mind you all of our organic tans are amazing.

  1. I love that it is a tanning water that instantly dries and has no sticky residue or headache worthy scent!
  2. The ingredients are of the highest integrity for the planet, animals and my body. In other words, cruelty free, vegan and certified organic.
  3. I can sleep in it without creating a horrendous mess on my bedding or clothes.
  4. The results are beyond amazing and every time I use it, I promise myself I’ll never go so long without using it again. It gives a deep, earthy bronze colour that is totally believable.
  5. Long lasting and doesn’t come off patchy or dry my skin out. The crocodile look and I don’t vibe!

Once you have tried Hempitan, you won’t believe how easy it is to have a gorgeous, deep tan with a simple spray application. It also develops quickly, which is so important to me as I’m a last-minute gal. I will often find myself applying it in the morning for an event that night. Disclaimer – I do my best to avoid all social engagements especially at night.

I could try to convince you how good Hempitan is, however the fact is, it’s all about the ingredients. Forget fancy packaging or clever marketing, if it’s made with cheap, toxic synthetics, you aren’t going to get the beautiful tan that you deserve.

Hempitan won’t block your pores and organic hemp seed oil will relieve and hydrate your skin. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials and is once again recyclable.

It does have a perfect glam partner and that is our award winning Face Tan Water. This duo keeps me believing I’ve just got back from a tropical holiday (if only that was true). I don’t know why but I just feel better with a Hempitan.


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