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What People Are Saying About Our Purple Power Mask!

What People Are Saying About Our Purple Power Mask!


Have you tried our new Face Compost™ Purple Power Mask? If not, I have a feeling that you’ll be rushing to place an order once you’ve read these amazing reviews!

I formulated this beauty to clear the skin of impurities and calm any inflammation that gets in the way of a glowing, beautiful complexion. Packed with antioxidants and enriched with only the best natural ingredients straight from Mother Nature, this is the secret to seriously amazing skin!

Here’s what our customers are saying about this new must-have organic product:

“It has stolen my pores and I don't want them back! Fabulous mask, so smooth and a little goes a long way. My face is glowing!” - Kelly

“This mask is amazing; you really don’t need much at all to cover your face. It smells amazing, and I LOVE how it tightens on your skin. Skin is left feeling so soft. 100% apart of my weekly routine now.” - Ava

“As soon as I applied the Face Mask to my skin, I could feel it working straight away! My skin felt amazing and looked brighter.” - Hannah

“Loved the way my fines lines were reduced, I gently massaged the mask off with warm water, after 8 minutes & the next day my skin looked absolutely radiant!” - Jennifer

“I love this new mask! It has transformed my skin and provided an awesome base before make-up application. My skin also needed a pick me up after winter and it this did the trick.” - Anna

“I just love how you can actually see the ingredients as it goes on the skin.” - Carly

Shop our Face Compost Purple Power Mask now to experience the goodness for yourself!

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