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sunscreen protection

Sunscreen is your body/face guard


I know I sound completely biased however our all Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen is bloody awesome. Here’s why….

Back story. Two weeks ago, I was on my way to netball to stand in the full sun. Yes, I had a hat and sunnies on, however the sun’s rays always find a way to slap me. Driving, reflections etc.

So, on this particular day I didn’t have my sunscreen and I had only had access to a chemical face sunscreen that came in a cute little bottle. I flinched as I put it on. The smell was hideous and toxic smelling however it was the only sunscreen available to me. It was a 50+ and within 15 mins I said to my daughter my face felt burnt! Not sunburnt but chemical burnt. I don’t even have sensitive skin! I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my face. My skin was irritated, sore and tight for a couple of days

So here is how you do it.

Step 1. Double cleanse with our organic Super Citrus Cleanser

Step 2. Use our Super Fruit Hydrator to give the skin a gorgeous hydration layer

Step 3. I use our all Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen which in itself is a beautiful moisturiser. It contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Rose Hip and of course natural zinc which creates a physical barrier between your skin and the suns damaging rays.

Stay safe in the sun peeps. x

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