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Our Eco Tan team give you their tips & tricks on wearing our new Face Sunscreen - some I didn’t even think of!

Our Eco Tan team give you their tips & tricks on wearing our new Face Sunscreen - some I didn’t even think of!


There’s nothing more exciting for us at Eco Tan HQ than getting our hands on a new organic product. We welcomed the birth of our amazing new Face Sunscreen SPF 30 into our range.

Why is it so great you might ask? It rubs in clear, contains only natural ingredients, it’s reef friendly, offers sun protection and it won’t break you out.

Here’s how four of us from Eco Tan HQ love to apply our Face Sunscreen every day.

Spoiler alert: this product is seriously versatile!

Joe has no time (or interest) for a routine.

Joe is a busy guy and like he says, “if it takes longer than 1 minute, I’m not doing it." 

Joe is on the forklift, in and out of the sun all day. He said he loves it because it doesn’t sting his eyes when he sweats.

Carefully formulated to provide protection from UVA and UVB rays while rubbing in clear.

“Every morning I just cleanse my face, with Super Citrus Cleanser of course, in the shower and then apply some Face Sunscreen. It’s like a moisturiser and sun protection in one! Too easy” - Joe

Rachael aka Driving Miss Daisy (without the white gloves)

Rachael, our shiny sale representative, is a beauty therapist and has suffered from Melanoma, so she is super wise when it comes to sun protection. She uses our Face Sunscreen on the back of her hands whilst driving!

“I tell all of my stockist to try this. It’s such a light lotion without the greasy feeling. My skin loves it. So much sun damage and premature ageing happens from hands being on the steering wheel.” – Rachael

Mia swears by applying her Face Sunscreen over the top of her makeup

This is what our dynamo Purchasing Manager Mia loves to do before heading out each morning.

Applying the Face Sunscreen over my make-up is a big part of my everyday routine. Because it dries matte and clear, I don’t even notice I’m wearing it! It seems to keep my makeup in place too.” - Mia

Tip: Use the #11 Buffing and Blending brush from our Vegan Brush Collection to flawlessly apply your Face Sunscreen over the top of your make-up.

It’s a 2 in 1 for our accounts extraordinaire

If you have just a few basic products you use every day like our Accounts Manager, Lisa, this product will fit perfectly in your routine.

It’s Lisa’s moisturiser and sun protector that gives her a soft dewy feel. It’s her 2 in 1 product. Less is more for our natural beauty.

Face Sunscreen has become a staple in my everyday routine. I usually just wear some lipstick and concealer, so it only takes a few extra seconds to apply but makes me feel protected throughout the day.” - Lisa


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