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My Dry Skin Skincare Routine for Hydration All Day Long

My Dry Skin Skincare Routine for Hydration All Day Long


While I love the colder weather (well, cold for the Gold Coast) and snuggling up in my winter woollies, my skin is not such a fan of the drying air that comes with it.

I have painfully dry skin that surprises me with the occasional eczema flare up, so naturally, you won’t find anything harsh or irritating in my cosmetic bag. In fact, the only brand you will find in my bathroom is Eco By Sonya, and you’ll soon understand why.

For all my flaky-faced friends out there, I have found the best skincare routine for dewy, hydrated skin all day long.

Step 1: The cleanser of my dreams

The reason I love Eco By Sonya’s skincare is because every product is so perfectly formulated that it does it all. Super Citrus Cleanser is the only cleanser I will use on my face – it’s genius at removing any gunk or grime that may have built up on my face during the day, whilst keeping it nourished and hydrated. It’s safe to say that I refuse to use any other cleanser.

Step 2: Hallelujah for their Hydrator

Don’t even get me started on their Super Fruit Hydrator. I apply two pumps of this bad boy day and night and it locks in moisture for days!

  1. It’s made from Collagen boosting ingredients – need I say more.
  2. It smells DIVINE.
  3. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep my skin plump, juicy and full of moisture.

Hot Tip: A little trick I learnt as a dry faced diva, always apply moisturiser while your face is still damp. I’m not talking drenched - just pat your face with wet hands after you cleanse.

Step 3: Oil me up, baby

Glory Oil has been my saving grace for so many years now. With a drenching blend of unique super seeds, – Inca Inchi, Acai and Pumpkin Seed Oil – this is the best face oil! When I say I douse my body in this, I’m not kidding. I apply a few drops of this on my face (and quite literally all over my body) to nourish and restore from the damage caused by the dry air.

Glory Oil treats my eczema flare ups whilst also giving me the most gorgeous, radiant glow all day long.

Hot Tip: If you’re into the Gua Sha trend like I am, this is the best face oil to glide your Gua Sha over your face and lock all of that goodness in!

Step 4: My SPF BFF

Never in my life, as a self-proclaimed skincare connoisseur, have I come across a Face Sunscreen quite like this one. Eco By Sonya’s brand-new Face Sunscreen SPF 30 is the last step in my skincare routine, and let me tell you, you need this in your life!

The formula of this SPF 30 Face Sunscreen is velvety and silky (and so dreamy) and glides on like butter. It is the most perfect lightweight lotion that leaves my skin hydrated and glowing for the whole day. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill – add this to your routine ASAP.


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