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Happy New Year Amazing One!

Happy New Year Amazing One!


If I had a magic wand I would cast a spell of love, joy, health and all things good over you.

The reality is…there will be good bits and there will be sucky bits.

The good news is you are strong, brave and wise enough to deal with those bits and everything in between

As I reflect on 2021 the best parts for me were the friendships. Even with insta friends that I have never met. There’s a saying “water finds its own level” and this year for me I found some like minded (slightly cognitive diverse) friends. They lifted me up with humour or just seeing their posts would bring a smile to my face.

Maybe go through who you follow on socials and take notice of how your body feels when you see their posts. It’s a mental clean up you might not have known you needed.

We spend so much time on our phones that what you see, you start to train the brain that, is reality.

Even binging on Netflix now I have realised my nervous system can’t take all that stress and trauma from scary or graphic shows. I feel down and edgy for days and have my dogs guard the shower door and I look for signs of my Hubby turning into a zombie. My imagination is too wild, so my scary show days are over!

Remember no one is better or more worthy than you! NO- ONE!

You don’t owe anybody PRETTY.

You don’t owe anybody SKINNY.

You don’t owe anybody anything.

You do owe yourself some damn good loving.

Be kind to yourself and that kindness will flow like a river of good. X


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