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Get To Know The Founder

Get To Know The Founder


1. Tell us about why/ how you started Eco by Sonya

My younger sister was diagnosed with a melanoma on her arm that required removal, leaving a terrible scar. She asked me if I knew of a natural spray tan that would not be harmful on her skin, so I asked my local beauty therapist, who told me hers was 99% natural. My gut feeling told me to research it and when I did, I was in for quite a surprise. I used my anger at the false and misleading claims out there and drew upon my love of natural and organic ingredients to start my own brand.

2. What makes Eco by Sonya unique?

I absolutely pride myself on being an innovator, I look for gaps in the market. In everything we do, we look at the whole scope of the product. From the packaging, to the ingredients, we look at the impact the products have on the skin, on the planet and on the animals. Money is never the dominant force here.

3. What does an average day running Eco by Sonya look like?

Hustle and heart. I do everything super fast paced. I don’t have a desk and I never have. I’m a true entrepreneur that runs around and has many conversations at once. I do all of my emails on my phone. I love to create an inspiring energy and vibe within the office. This is really important in my workplace and the foundation of the who we are at Eco By Sonya. I’m always asking my team; are we doing good? Are we all inspired?

4. What Eco by Sonya product makes you most proud?

It’s very hard to choose one. In some way, it’s the Tanning Solutions because that’s what I made myself in my tiny kitchen when I tried to teach myself to be a chemist. However, Glory Oil and Face Tan Water have given people back a sense of confidence and made such a huge impact on their skin.

5. What is your daily beauty routine?

To be honest, my favourite product and the favourite part of my day is using our Super Citrus Cleanser because I take a deep breath and the incredible, uplifting ingredients just act as my meditation, plus cleaning my skin. Then of course, I throw on some Super Fruit Hydrator mixed with Glory Oil, Sunscreen and then I use our Purple Power Mask and Super Acai Exfoliator once a week.

6. If you could visit one place on earth where would you go?

The Amalfi Coast. Oh my goodness, it’s my dream!

7. What do you do in your spare time?

I have three dogs that are all extremely needy so I love to sit on the lounge, cuddle them and watch Netflix. I also love walking at golden hour, listening to my favourite podcasts.

8. Favourite food?

Without a doubt, Italian food. Tomatoes. Chilli. Olives. Lemon. Capers. Basil. Argghhhh, Italians know flavour and colour. Bold and dramatic, like me.

9. What always brings a smile to your face?

Getting a review from a customer saying how one of our products or my book has helped them in any way.

10. Tell us about your proudest achievement

I have had many proud moments with Eco By Sonya however becoming Australia’s very first Certified Organic Tanning Range within five years of starting Eco By Sonya would have to be my proudest achievement. We were five years ahead of the rest!

11. What are your goals for Eco by Sonya?

Honestly, it’s really to raise our philanthropic platform. We’ve just started our grass roots foundations, The Miracle Made Foundation. We want to help more people both globally and within Australia. We want to make change, increase awareness and make a difference.

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